The War on Drugs

A cross-temporal understanding of the War on Drugs (aka a War on People) in Philadelphia and beyond.

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2019 - Ongoing
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Sterling Johnson
Feini Yin
Arielle Narva 
Dianne Loftis
Austin America

Project Overview

The War on Drugs has clearly been a failure. It has separated and proved especially devastating for Black and Brown families and communities. It continues to drive mass incarceration and racial disparity in judicial systems. Despite changes in public perception about substance use and criminalization, the War on Drugs incessantly resurges with new actors and threats. How can we resist logics of control and compliance? How can we seriously disinvest from the War on Drugs and instead invest in the neighborhoods that it has harmed?

This initiative aims to foster dialogue between the worlds of harm reduction and criminal justice to facilitate the development of strategies for resistance, resilience and cultural change.

More details to come...