Summer Urban Labs

A series of multidisciplinary summer laboratories that empower high school students to understand and address pressing urban issues.

Supported By:


Andrea Ngan, Program Initiator and Manager
James Enos, Architect & Educator
Molly Enos, Architect & Educator
Charles Miller, Teaching Artist
Keith Müller, Architect & Educator
David Kim, Teaching Artist

About the Program

I initiatied the Periscope Urban Laboratory in 2011 after working closely with teens as a subsitute teacher in Northern San Diego. In collaboration with resident contemporary artists, architects, and educators, the Periscope Urban Laboratory sought to teach high school students drawing, photography, video-making, construction, hydroponic gardening, and critical thinking skills for urban analysis, public art, and environmental sustainability.

Each lab sought to guide high school students in producing an analytically engaging artistic response to a contemporary regional urban issue and will culminate in a gallery show at the end of the summer. The program looked to equip students with valuable technical, visual, and aesthetic communication tools necessary to understand, interpret, and critically respond to the urgent urban challenges they face.