CRC Study Group

A collective knowledge-building series open to the public and run in partnership with Penn’s Health Ecologies Lab.

Facilitated contact improv workshop by Elizabeth Weinstein as a form of somatic collective-learning 

In Partnership With

2017 - Ongoing
My Role
Co-Initiator & Organizer
Partnerships and Development Lead

Facilitation Team
Bennett Kuhn, Co-Initiator & Co-Facilitator
Dianne Loftis, Co-Initiator & Co-Facilitator
Sterling Johnson, Co-Facilitator
Felicia Blow, Co-Facilitator
Among many other contributing guests

Project Overview

A curated series of sessions that we organize to further collective knowledge-building around mental health, healing and transformative justice. Study group is always open to the public, and usually includes readings, but we encourage interested parties to join us regardless of their experience with a given text or film.

Through a variety of readings, workshops, and films, we question the politics and medicalization of mental health. These conversations inform the collective’s programs, tools, and actions as we crowdsource ideas to guide the next century of care in Philadelphia.
Service Lanscape Study Group: Harm Reduction in Philadelphia 9/9