Spaces & Strategies of Care

A community-based  participatory design and art making program centering the mental health needs of immigrant and refugee youth.



Pilot Program
September 2019 - July 2020

My Role
Co-Initiator & Organizer
Co-Project Manager
Partnerships and Development Lead

Amy Henderson Riley, DrPH, MCHES - Jefferson Collect of Population Health
Melissa Fogg, MSW - Mural Arts Philadelphia
Ujjwala Maharjan
Jenna Spitz, MSW Candidate at Bryn Mawr
Ila Kumar
Dianne Loftis
Felicia Blow 
Michelle Delgado

Project Overview

Over 232,000 people in Philadelphia are reported as being born abroad. Immigrant children make up 23% of Philadelphia’s 322,200 children under the age of 18. And while focus groups have shown a need for mental health support for these communities, they have also found westernized approaches are not always effective.

The goal of this pilot project is to identify physical and geographic spaces where Philadelphia’s immigrant youth experience and exercise non-traditional mental health relief. The project will seek to identify these places in a sustainable collection to be shared as a resource and open up dialog around intergenerational and multicultural mental health care needs in immigrant communities.