Project XQ: Let’s Rethink High School
The Emerson Collective

Project XQ was an interactive traveling exhibition that launched on the steps of the New York Public Library in 2015. The exhibit toured the United States and served as a national community engagement tool and contest. By September 2016, Project XQ had engaged more than 22,153 community members, parents, entrepreneurs, and administrators who shared ideas to improve America’s failing high schools. This project led to a $100 million dollar investment in 10 school proposals.
Interaction Designer

Local Projects


Project XQ’s interactive traveling exhibit on the steps of the New York Public Library (NYPL) in 2015.

An early journey map I designed to detail a participant journeys through the exhibit.


The traveling exhibit sought to engage audiences of different ages. It required designing not only for flexibiliy but...

Students sign up to participate in the XQ Recording Booth in Oakland, CA. Photo © Lea Suzuki, The Chronicle.

A series of wireframes I designed for participants seeking to contribute an idea in the recording booth. 


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The sharability of the wall helped spread the XQ campaign and issues surrounding high school education.


Karen Vanderbilt, Art Director
Mike Tully, Visual Designer
Sundar Raman, Director of Technology
Kristin Lovejoy, Production Coordinator
Adrienne Katz, Project Manager
Paul Hoppe, Art Director
Charles DiMaggio, Creative Technologist
David Carafano, Strategist
Andreas Borg, Creative Technologist
Jake Barton, Creative Director