Andrea Ngan is a community organizer, design researcher, and media artist. Her work spans art, design justice, data visualization, education, health care, research, and new technology.

She currently leads design and strategy at The Penn Medicine Center for Digital Health and Slought Foundation. Prior to her work in Philadelphia, she served as an interaction designer at Local Projects in New York City.

In 2017, Andrea founded Creative Resilience Collective (CRC) to bring a passionate multidisciplinary team together to address social urgencies and envision more equitable futures through research, art, design and technology.

The Creative Resilience Collective (2017-Present)
An organization initiating projects that envision a Philadelphia in which historically oppressed and underserved people are provided care uniquely suited to their needs as individuals and members of multilayered communities.
Art, Design, Education, Health Care, Social Justice, Research, Technology

Slought (2017-Present)
An art and cultural institution that builds relationships and social trust through collaboration and the exchange of ideas. 
Art, Design, Film, Social Justice, Strategy
Periscope for Art & Architecture (2010-2012)
A public art, education and cultural space that sought to address regional issues, spacial literacy, and urban pedagogy.
Art, Design, Education, Social Justice

Mood Pod (2018)
Institution: UPenn’s Center for Digital Health
A data visualization and qualitative research project to help participants see the connection between their digital communication and mental wellbeing.
Design, Reserach, Strategy

Project XQ (2015)
Local Projects
A traveling campaign and recording booth to rethink high school education in America.
Design, Education, Exhibit Design, Technology

The Gateway Interactive Wall (2015)
Studio: Local Projects
An interactive wall featuring a rich network of events, facts, landmarks, and resources.
Design, Education, Exhibit Design, Technology

NSTMF Interactive Timeline and Website (2016)
Studio: Local Projects
An interactive site shedding light on the impact Laureates have had on our everyday life.
Design, Education, Exhibit Design, Technology

SkInfo (2017-Ongoing)
A tool to help skin cancer patients track, manage, and own their complex health data across multiple providers.
Design, Research, Health Care, Technology

City Pulse (2015)
Studio: Local Projects
A circular 14’ storytelling platform controlled by a tour guide wearing a gesture-controlled armband.
Design, Education, Exhibit Design, Technology

9/11 Memorial Museum (2014)
Studio: Local Projects
The collective stories of 9/11 through feature length films, triptychs, and archival media.
Film, Education, Exhibit Design

Founder & Co-Organizer
Creative Resilience Collective - Philadelphia, PA
January 2017 - Present

Design Strategist
Center for Digital Health - Philadelphia, PA
October 2017 - Present

Design Strategist
Slought Foundation - Philadelphia, PA
October 2017 - Present

Product/UX Design Consultant
Beyond - San Francisco, CA
November 2016 - April 2017

Interaction Designer
Local Projects - New York, NY
September 2015 - February 2016

Jr. Interaction Designer
Local Projects - New York, NY
June 2014 - September 2015

Production Associate
Local Projects - New York, NY
September 2013 - June 2014

Thesis Juror &  Teaching Assistant for Research and Communication
NewSchool of Architecture & Design - San Diego, CA
September 2011 - June 2012

Director of Education & Outreach
The Periscope Project - San Diego, CA
June 2010 - January 2012

Design Research
Interaction Design
- Gestural Interaction Design
- Websites
- Mobile Apps
Environmental Installations
Media Licensing
Non-Profit Organizing
Project Management
Service Design

American Samoa Department of Commerce
Center for Urban Pedagogy
Estudio Teddy Cruz
Equal Justice Initiative
Emerson Collective
One World Trade Center
Proctor and Gamble
Princeton Institute

B.A. International Studies - Economics
B.A. Visual Arts - Media

University of California San Diego
September 2007 - June 2010

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